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Bang-O-Matic Beta Titanium Driver 460cc Black

Retail Price: $159.95   Your Price: $143.95
The world longest Long Drive Record holder - 539 yards!

Flow alignment directs more energy from club head to ball with less dispersion. Most modern-day drivers deliver 78% of the proper directional energy toward the ball with 22% dispersion of energy. With the unique Flow Alignment System the energy transfer is 94% directional energy! This makes for straighter and greater drives!

The head size is 460cc although it looks more like 400cc. We wanted to optimize performance, while have it appeal to to players that dislike great big heads! We had 4 hitters in the final 12 at the World Long Drive Finals hitting the Bang-O-Matic! That is 1/3 of the entire finalist field!


BangStorm 100% Beta Titanium Driver 460cc Black/Blue

Retail Price: $179.95   Your Price: $152.95
Designed with FA (Flow Alignment) System, the Bang Storm has an extra large face and a higher center of gravity than most drivers on the market. This new design gives you a larger sweet spot on the club face, while reducing the spin and launch angle. The Storms deep blue finish that fades to black is simply beautiful to look at and gives you the confidence to grip it and rip it!


Mellow Yellow SQUARE 460cc Beta Titanium Driver

Retail Price: $159.95   Your Price: $143.95 up
The Bang SQUARE is the latest addition from Bang Golf, giving you 40 extra yards automatically!


Bangster 100% Beta Titanium Driver 430cc TICN Black

Retail Price: $159.95   Your Price: $142.95
Designed with FA (Flow Alignment) System. The Bangster OL is the latest design by Bang Golf. This year the Bangster was used by Scott Smith in the RE/MAX World Finals, who WON every single group he was in to progress to the final round!

The head is made entirely out of 100% Beta Titanium The first head on the market that can make that claim! The feel and distance is extraordinary. We made it 440cc incorporating the FAS that is in the ever-popular Bang-O-Matic and put a carbon nitrate finish on it to reduce spin-rate. The results cannot be disputed, this head has proven to be one of the longest clubs heads in the World.


Pink-O-Matic Beta Titanium Driver 401cc

Retail Price: $149.95   Your Price: $129.95 up


Bang-O-Matic CenterCut Iron, Forged/CNC Face and Back

Retail Price: $42.95   Your Price: $35.95


And the CADET Putter...


The 3 different hardness interchangeable face inserts allow golfers to control their ball speed while using the single putter and maintain their usual method of putting.

The red face insert has a soft feel and gives the slowest ball speed. The white face insert is medium in hardness and generates an increased ball speed. The blue face insert is the hardest and provides the fastest ball speed.

The toe-weight has a significant role to prevent slicing, and the heel-weight to stop hooking.

The RH/LH putters use the double bent shaft to perfectly balance the putter face. The center hole putter uses the single bent shaft that can also be assembled with the long shaft putter as well.


Bang-O-Matic CADET Putter

Retail Price: $139.95   Your Price: $99.95
3 diferent inserts, 3 different speeds, and 3 different putters in ONE!


Bang-O-Matic CADET Putter

Retail Price: $139.95   Your Price: $109.95 up


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